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We are an internet marketing agency who helps SME's to digitally marketing themselves online. 

Getting your internet marketing strategy right is the surest way to help your small business thrive on the internet. Its where your customers look for you, its where they want to buy your goods and services, the internet is where you need to be to do good business. Starting a new small business is costly enough, don't let your marketing budget be a cost too, make it work hard. Promoting your business with a well researched and deliberate internet marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure online. Even if you are a medium sized business, or perhaps a large. Behave like a small business, with agility, be ready to take advantage of changes or trends. Act small, think big! 

Are you struggling to make your internet marketing successful? Maybe you have an existing online business and want to move to the next level and are unsure how to grow it. The internet provides the opportunity for small business to market their products locally, nationally and even globally. The internet is where your customers are, so get your marketing strategy right and speak to a small business internet marketing consultant and go get them! 




We help clients create and optimise their online presence using the latest internet strategies and digital marketing tactics.

Small Business can find many sources of information on the web, maybe you have already searched the terms ‘small business website’ or ‘marketing for success’ when ‘small business internet marketing’. This is how your potential customers will search the internet and find your services. Whether by searching in search engines, clicking an ad or by following a link from a referring website – you can not rely on your potential customers simply stumbling across your small business, they have to be guided there with an efficient internet marketing campaign.



With the correct internet marketing strategy you can have a successful small business too!


Plan for success from the very beginning. When building your online store carefully consider what your customers will want from your website design, make sure that the website can be optimised with SEO and is search engine and mobile friendly. Build a strong platform from which to market the website online and offline. When all of these elements are combined correctly and efficiently you are on your way.. That being said, it isn't to late to correct your strategy and make your internet marketing work and even broken websites and inefficient strategies can be adapted and turned around. Making your internet marketing efficient saves you money and time but most importantly drives sales.





Before you get started it is a good idea to collect your thoughts and plan out a strategy. No doubt that you did this for your small business, you should treat your marketing strategy the same. Consider who you are targeting, when and across what channels. What products suit who and when and if you should discount. Writing down your goals and objectives helps to direct what strategy should be employed and when. If you are struggling with this, talk to those in the know, other business leaders, marketers or of course speak to a small business marketing consultant like us. 


Internet marketing or website promotion can be broken down into many categories.


Small business should and do use all of these methods to increase traffic to their websites and directly sell their products or services - I provide details of all of these methods of marketing on my Small Business Internet Marketing page.




You are the expert in your small business, we are the internet marketing experts!


Starting your small business, organising suppliers and maintaining your finances will take up most of your time. Making sure that the website is visible to search engines, promoting and advertising your website and making sure that every penny counts is an enormous job, one which can be given to an internet marketing consultants such as us. Making sure that every promotional penny counts and taking away the time consuming processes of continual researching, monitoring, advertising and marketing your small business will allow you to focus on what your good at, making your business work!


For more information on Small Business Internet Marketing, how to create successful Internet Marketing strategy for Small Business or if you want to talk to other people with a small business why don’t you have a look around the site and join our community on Twitter, Linked In or speak to one of our consultants today.




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