As with any advertising campaign, advertising should have a good mix of promotion. With less resource available there is less tolerance to failure, making every marketing or advertising campaign work for small business is most important. Not succeeding can be costly and expensive mistakes and must be avoided. If you have a shop or retail business as well as a website you will probably be well accustomed to the many phone calls and emails that you receive from hungry sales representatives trying to get you to place advertising in their magazine or on their radio station. Planning your offline and online advertising strategy so that both work in harmony is the trick.


Planning your small business advertising campaign


As with any project, you get out what you put in. Planning your small business advertising campaign properly is the key. Remember to keep the same principles in mind as when you were planning your internet marketing campaigns. Take care to think who, when, where and how:


Who – Who exactly are your potential customers?

When – Is your small business seasonal or is there a particular time that people are interested in your product?

Where – Where are your potential customers situated, which town, city, county or even country?

How – What advertising is going to tick all of the above boxes?


Once you know who, where when and how you are going to target these customers then look at your budget and see what advertising medium is best for your small business to use. 

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Free Advertising Research Tools for Small Business


You should always look at every form of advertising or media available and then begin to scratch off the ones that won’t work for you. Small business needs every bit of help it can to get started, so I have provided a list of advertising research tools freely available on the internet to you to help you with this research.


Small Business advertising in Regional Press:

Search for Regional and Local Newspapers in your area

with this Regional Press research tool –


Small Business advertising on Radio:

Search for radio stations in your area with this Radio research tool -


Small Business Advertising in National Press:

National Newspaper database and corresponding websites with this National Press research data -


Small Business Advertising in magazines:

Learn more about magazines and magazine marketplace with this Magazine research tool -


Small Business Advertising in Press:

Find out how many copies a newspaper or magazine actually sells -


Small Business Advertising on TV:

Learn about the medium of TV with this website -


Small Business Advertising in Cinema:

Find out how to advertise on Cinema with this Cinema research tool -


Small Business Advertising with Direct Mail:

Get more information about Direct Mail with this

Direct Mail research tool -

Small Business Advertising with Outdoor Media:

Find Outdoor media suppliers with this research tool -


Once you have isolated the right medium(s) for you, start to work out how long you would like your advertising campaign to last. Breaking this into monthly periods will allow you to estimate a budget and work out what size ad or what time-length commercial you can afford. If your small business can not afford the whole years worth of advertising (lets be honest, who can afford to deploy an all singing, all dancing 52 week a year advertising campaign!) and you do not have enough budget to create the impact that you want try condensing your advertising spend into smaller bursts and always negotiate! Media owners expect to be negotiated with, so do! You’ll be surprised how much discount you can get if you really try.


Small Business using an advertising agency


If you are planning to spend a significant amount of money on offline advertising I would recommend that you speak to an advertising agency. Good advertising agencies work on a commission only basis. This commission is not paid to them by you, but by the media owners that they book the space or airtime with. Advertising agencies should also be able to negotiate better rates as they will already book significant volumes of advertising with the many media owners. Be aware that some advertising agencies will welcome new business whatever the budget, however, if your budget is very small some less forward thinking agencies will not give the respect your business or deploy the senior personnel that you deserve, in this case buy your advertising yourself. 


Small Business advertising Services


As you may have read on my ‘About my Small Business in Essex’  page, my background has been both selling advertising and for 12 years planning and buying advertising within an advertising agency. My will to buy better than anyone else in my agency was only second to my quest for planning the most clever and effective multi-media campaigns. I also work with a network of agencies that gives me access to special buying rates across a wide variety of media.  


If you are planning on advertising your small business please contact me by clicking the banner below or alternatively please read on. 

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