All business but especially small business needs affordable SEO services. You get what you put into SEO, and the benefits can be huge. Cheap SEO is exactly what it says; the processes of writing rich text, researching keywords link building can be a slow process, if you work this back to an hourly rate then you can see what you will be getting from companies that offer cheap SEO. What you need is effective and affordable SEO services for your small business. 


Affordable SEO services, how much do they cost?


Keeping small business SEO affordable is the key, and that is what I do. Every clients needs are different, some will require a small amount of content changed and some simple meta tag re-writes, another business may need the entire sites route directory re-written along with new pages and every ‘alt’ and ‘image’ tag created. My affordable small business SEO services are costed on a client by client basis and are not only cost efficient but accountable. I am a small business too and I know that every small business must see a return on any investment. 


Affordable SEO packages for small business


Different SEO packages are available because every businesses needs are different. If your Small Business simply needs a basic 3 month SEO fixer package to re-target your websites goals then so be it. If you are within a competitive market and require new keyword analysis in order to find your niche, OK! If you are in what seems to be ultimately competitive business arena, then we can plan long term affordable strategies that encompass all SEO services and get that number 1 spot! As diverse as small business and their industries are, different and affordable SEO packages and services are required for every level of competitiveness, SEO requirement and time frame.


Affordable SEO services can grow with your small business

SEO campaigns can grow with your small business, it depends on the goals at the beginning of the SEO campaign and how much work you want to put in. There are many ways to trim the costs in SEO campaigns and make them affordable to even the smallest of small business. Optimising only small amounts of pages or targeting more nice markets can allow you to hit your targets and generate the revenues your growing business needs. If necessary, I can advise you or train your web designer how to make positive changes to your website (see website designer SEO). Less critical parts of the campaign can be postponed until a later date or the link building and content management can be done by you. I work with small business for the long term, making Affordable SEO campaigns that work is my long term business strategy.

Free Small Business SEO report


The ultimate in affordable SEO is free. My free SEO report is a brief look at your websites SEO status. Scoring your websites SEO capabilities gives you a status report on search positions, link counts and tagging throughout the site. 


If you would like to know more about my affordable small business SEO services or would like a free SEO report contact me by clicking the banner below.


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