Starting a small business on the internet


Like you, everybody has to start their business small, the same goes for me too. My small internet marketing business is based in Essex, but I have been involved in starting businesses large and small for nearly 15 years, working in the London advertising industry allows you to have an exclusive insight into the marketing mistakes that large and small business makes and the marketing that they get right. Starting a small business on the internet or on the high street and building on it, marketing it correctly and then thinking how to improve it - is the right approach for all business! Making sure that every element of your small business works from the bottom up is the surest way to success. The internet gives many more people the opportunity to start and market their business, the more competitive the internet becomes the greater the need for internet marketing.


My Small Internet Marketing Business in Essex, UK


My small business, well you are looking at it! InternetMarketingStrategy.co.uk for Small Business. My website is the method by which I can market via the internet to as many people as possible in the hope that I can grow, make profits and in turn help as much other small business on the way as possible. Although I live in Essex, the internet gives me the opportunity to market to businesses in Essex or London in fact all business in the UK and even the rest of the world. The internet and digital communications means that I don’t have to be in the vicinity of my clients in order to service them correctly. Internet marketing can be managed from any location, I mean I can search for your website or read my email if I am at home in Essex, on business in London or remotely from my laptop anywhere in the UK.


My Marketing career


My marketing career pre-dates Google, everything on the internet seems to be rated against that fact – 1998 if you didn’t know! Buying and Selling Advertising, planning campaigns on the internet and marketing by the now considered more traditional offline strategies. I have been marketing companies in the UK and Internationally for all of that time. I have spent the last four years at an international leisure company heading up the marketing team and managing a multi-million pound website. My career has progressed with the new media that has become the current digital revolution. What keeps me hungry is that the internet and marketing continues to evolve, marketing strategies have to adapt and the business landscape is always changing. New problems to overcome, new strategies to beat it, marketing is exciting and success all the better for it. 


Help starting a Small Business with Internet Marketing


I can help starting your small business. I have managed advertising and marketing campaigns for new product launches, re-brands, awareness and direct response campaigns and the marketing of brand new large and small internet businesses in Essex, London in the UK and Internationally. I have also started this business – internet marketing strategy for small businesses. So I know what it takes to start, promote and maintain a new small business.


Why choose me to help you grow your internet business?


My advice to anybody who owns or is considering starting a small business is that you should always seek advice (see marketing consultancy for small business). Experts in any field albeit accounting, legal or marketing can be valuable assets to any business and should be used when available.


If you would like to know more about my Small Business Internet Marketing Strategies and if you are in Essex, London or indeed anywhere in the UK contact by clicking the button below. 

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