Marketing and Advertising consultancy allows small business to bring in expertise when they need it. This flexible service will help you to better understand your marketplace and the options and choices that you will need to navigate in order to promote your small business both offline as well as online when you need it.


Marketing consultation for Small Business 


If you are developing your brand, improving your online presence or planning an advertising campaign and want to make sure that you are getting great value consultants allow you to bring in the right expertise when you need it. Marketing and advertising consultancy or hiring a consultant for a period of time to bolster can be a flexible way for small businesses to have a marketing resource when they need it.  Understanding how and when to advertise your small business, what marketing delivers the best results and when to execute your advertising campaigns helps stop those costly mistakes. Acting as a marketing consultant we can be there to help you understand the challenges of marketing and provide support and hands on experience enabling you to get on with what you are good at - running your business.  


An extended Marketing team with no overhead

Being a small business you will probably be wearing the marketing hat. Using a consultant you can bring marketing expertise into your business without having to employ marketers and the cost that is attributed to permanently hiring someone. If you have someone already delivering the marketing for you, you can bring in extra skills and expertise to bolster your knowledge when you need it - more technical skills or perhaps for an eye on your whole small business internet marketing strategy. Using marketing consultants allows you to be flexible and agile with your overhead whilst still recruiting the expertise you need to be a success. 


Advertising Consultation - Planning and Buying Media


Planning and buying advertising campaigns effectively can be the difference between a successful advertising campaign and an advertising nightmare. Planning the media correctly so that you utilise effective weights of media and buying the advertising for the best price so that your budget goes further. Acting as a consultant we can properly assess the media marketplace, help you choose the correct media for you and help you to drive costs down and value up by buying the right advertising at the best price.

Note: Usually planning and buying media service is free, remuneration for the consultant comes via the publisher. 


Marketing and Advertising consultancy costs

Costs for a marketing consultant vary hugely, it depends entirely on the project. How long you would like them to work for you and the technicality of the resource required. That being said, consultants in the long term will not cost money as a good marketing or advertising consultant should return much more than they cost to hire.

If you are interested in talking more about marketing and / or advertising consultancy please contact me by clicking the banner below. 

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