Previously called banners and buttons, more recently digital display small business can advertise via digital advertising or online ads. There are many means to purchase these ads, you scan simply choose a website and buy X impressions (a pair of eyes seeing your ad) or you can buy via networks such as Googles content network. Whatever you choose, the key is to determine what your target audience is and specifically (and without wastage) target those customers with an optimum frequency. Digital advertising can be tricky to make work so you should always work with a specialist when creating a digital advertising campaign. 


Digital Advertising with online ads for Small Business


Digital advertising via online ads is easy to get wrong. Simply buying online ads will not deliver traffic to your website. The internet is full of websites and networks that offer your small businesses the opportunity to advertise. You have to be aware which channels can deliver value and which won’t. Small business needs to have accountable digital advertising campaigns! Negotiating a good deal, buying enough banners or buttons to be worth it and making sure that you are delivered every ad that you were promised is the role for a digital advertising specialist such as myself.


Online ads are now as diverse in type as more traditional forms of advertising.


Digital advertising via online ads such as website banners, buttons, MPU’s, overlays or page peels. Knowing which ones could work for you and your business is the difficulty. Costing the ads, checking response and tweaking the campaign is essential. With more and more formats becoming available it isn’t as simple as buying 100,000 website banners anymore. Experience, negotiation and the patience are required in order to get true value for your small business from any online advertising campaign.   


Making online ads work for small business


As with all advertising small businesses simply can not afford to waste money on digital advertising that does not work. The type of website chosen, the format of the ad and the timing it is delivered can all have an effect on response. Tweaking the creative mid-campaign is sometimes required if results are particularly poor or could be improved. Assessing the performance and monitoring analytics is required. This ongoing dedication to making the campaign work to its absolute peak from beginning to end is what is required to make online advertising or indeed any advertising campaign work.


Website Selection for online ads


Online ads have to be highly targeted with a strong creative. Personally I always advise my clients to use an offer in order to get a better click through rate (CTR). The websites / networks have to be highly targeted and relevant. Leave the broader targeted websites to the more generically targeted big advertisers, with such a plethora of websites to choose from make sure that the site(s) that you choose are very relevant to the product you are selling.


Digital Advertising costs


Digital advertising or online ads are bought on a CPM or cost per thousand impressions basis. Costs are negotiated on volume at the beginning of any online advertising campaign. Agencies and consultants such as me receive a commission from the website when buying campaigns on a client’s behalf, in turn making the service free to you. There are of course costs for the media and creative costs of course!


If you would like to know more about small business digital advertising or my online ads media buying services please click below or alternatively read on about more internet marketing strategies. 


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