You are a small business, you need cost effective marketing. Email is it! Building a database or buying a database for your small business can be affordable and, sending emails allows you to notify your customers of products, offers or simply entertain them until they next need your services. 


Email Marketing Services for Small business


Correctly marketing your small business via email marketing can be a very affordable technique to promote your business. Sending email messages to existing databases or new bought databases or simply communicating new offers to current customers. The correct management of this service can be the difference between success and failure.


Email marketing campaigns


Small business email marketing campaigns rely on the creation of good, readable and most importantly responsive HTML emails. The timing and regularity that you use email marketing can be the difference between annoying your customers and informing them of useful products or services. Broadcasting from an accountable and accurate email database in manageable bursts are all aspects that you will have to take into account prior to beginning your email marketing campaign. Thanks for enquiring, welcome emails, sending confirmations and reminders are all part of email marketing. A well considered campaign can drive incremental sales and loyalty.


Email lists buying, data sourcing for Small business  


Small business should always have a process of data collection built into their marketing strategy. If you already have a list of email addresses you have begun the process of email marketing. Updating or cleaning your email lists or even buying new email lists should be undertaken with care. Buying quality lists of potential customers that you can email, that haven’t been emailed continuously from other sources or indeed that still use that email address is critical when buying and sourcing your email marketing data. I work with three data sourcing companies all whom provide quality email addresses at great costs.


Email broadcasts and advertising


The email broadcast itself will not work without an HTML email that is readable in all browsers across the internet old and new. Most importantly all of your emails have to be built to be readable on a mobile device, most emails are now read on a phone, making them fully functional and be able to be read isn't a nicety, its a necessity. Creating good email marketing that draws our time starved potential customers into clicking and viewing an offer is where the skill lies for small business. Advertising via email broadcasts can be effective as long as you are targeting the right people at the right time, with the right frequency and with good creative.


Cost of Email marketing services for Small business


Email marketing costs can vary dependent on what is necessary to create the broadcast. Buying lists of emails, the quality and type of the lists or simply what type of database the emails are being broadcast from can all make a difference to cost. Typically a set up fee will be organised before the campaign begins, and a cost per hundred, or cost per thousand negotiated before the data has been bought. Some email marketing providers charge a monthly amount for a certain amount of sends.  


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