Link Building is an SEO process that involves pointing links or hyper-links across the internet to your site. Link Popularity is a measure or part of a search engines algorithm that denotes how popular your site is. This Popularity is a measure of usefulness and trust, when lots of links point to a site from trusted sources search engines, believe it to be a trusted and useful resource too. When a search engine denotes a website to be useful and trusted and about a particular subject it promotes that website up the search engine rankings against that subject or term.


Why Small Business should be link building


Link building doesn’t just promote your small business up the search engine results pages. Links are also corridors for traffic. Link building is simply a way of connecting your site to as many relevant points in the internet as possible. Having multiple entry points to your site in relevant directories, written into blogs that talk about your industry or on sites that sell or talk about products similar to your own allows you to connect with as many likeminded people as possible who could after all be searching for you! Aside of the human traffic that links can generate, search engine robots also follow these links. The more links that you have the more opportunities you have for search engine robots to come back to your site and check for new content. 


Small Business Link Building for SEO


Link Building campaigns are undertaken as part of an ongoing SEO campaign, however, if you have only a small site or are happy with your on-page SEO then it is perfectly OK to only have a link building campaign active. Link Building campaigns need to have a goal the same as SEO, target keywords or phrases which are used in the anchor text of the links. Links aren't just pointed at your home page either. You can target more keywords in your SEO campaign by deep linking to other important pages in your website too. 


How many links does my small business need?


How many links a small business needs to climb the rankings is different for not only every website, but for every keyword or phrase. Let’s say that small business 1 has 100 links pointing to it, small business 2 has 50 links pointing to it. As a rough and very rough look at the two sites you could say that 50+ links are required for small business 2 to go past small business 1 in the search engine results pages. This is of course not accurate as it depends on the quality of the links pointing to either site, what page rank the links contain that are pointing to each site and what anchor text is written on the link. Why don’t you take a look through a link counting tool (readily available on the internet or see my small business resources page and look for the free SEO tools), then check your competitors too!


Content Marketing via your own blog

Websites can generate their own links too. Search engines also like sites to be fresh and regularly updated. As part of any link building campaign should be a blog where a business can create its own great, relevant content and link back to its own pages. Creating your own content is a great small business internet marketing strategy as the content can then be used to populate emails (small business email marketing) and social media campaigns (small business social media marketing). ​


Affordable Link Building for Small business


Making link building SEO campaigns affordable for small business again is possible (affordable SEO small business). Affordable link building campaigns can be as small or big as you require. Link building is one of the SEO requirements for competitive marketplaces. Getting good quality one way links pointing to your website is critical when a search term is highly sought after. I really see link building as the front line or battle ground of SEO!


If you would like to know more about my Affordable Link Building for small business why not click the link below. 


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