Mobile Marketing is the use of mobile phones and handsets to market or promote marketing messages to a customer. Having a mobile strategy is essential to small businesses as smartphones have revolutionalised how we use the internet and are now the device of choice when surfing the internet. 

It is no understatement to say that the mobile phone has revolutionalised internet marketing. The mobile phone is the go to device for the majority of customers and the prevalence and continually improving and faster wifi networks are continuing to fuel the mobile flames. Having a mobile friendly website is a must, but this is just the beginning. All of your emails should be readable on a mobile device, an even higher proportion of people use their mobile to read emails than surf the internet. Social media channels and the traffic they generate are all mobile dominated. In order to succeed on the internet, you need to think mobile first! 


Internet Marketing via mobile devices

So here it is, whatever you can do on a desktop device or tablet you can do on a mobile device. That being said you can probably do a little more as you can include clickable phone numbers that connect straight to your business, clickable from the web page or ad. It is also possible to specifically target mobile devices too. Paid search advertising for example can be targeted at mobile only, customers are usually on the move when they are on their mobile, so you can change your strategy to reflect this. 

SMS Mobile Marketing or Text campaigns


There are mobile only forms of marketing too. Mobile marketing via SMS campaigns allows small business to target potential customers by age, sex the place that someone lives or even their job. Mobile numbers are bought the same as email addresses. You choose a particular target market and then purchase x amount of ‘000’s of of that target and broadcast them a series of texts. Small business can also use Mobile marketing via video text’s or MMS (text’ed video). MMS is very similar to launch - to an SMS campaign.

Mobile Marketing via internet space and I-phone applications (apps) 


Similar to buying advertising space on a website, small business can buy mobile advertising space. Mobile Marketing this way means that you purchase space around mobile websites instead of desktop versions of websites. There are also networks devoted to selling advertising space across apps too, this is probably more relevant to the promotion of an app, an app, creating your own app is an excellent way to target mobiles - although you have to consider the promotion of the app (getting it on customers mobile phones in the first place) before developing one for yourself.

Small business using Search Marketing for Mobile phones


Search Marketing (PPC or Paid Search Marketing) for mobile phones works the same as paid search on desktop versions of search engines, except you can specifically create ads and target keywords that are more relevant to customers on the move. The ad’s are stacked vertically on mobile search engine results pages and a great benefit of paid search on mobiles is that you can include a pick to call telephone number (which is trackable). 

Mobile websites


It used to be the way that you would create a default mobile website for customers who have visited your website via a mobile device. This is a solid idea as customers viewing your website on a mobile device will have a different agenda; researching rather than purchasing, on the move rather than at their home or in their place of work. Nowadays, creating a separate site is expensive and customers embarking on a website build need to think mobile first. This means starting the website design at the mobile and then scaling up to tablet and desktop versions. Technology allows  a smart website to detect what device it is being viewed upon, and the best solution is to create a fully responsive site. A fully responsive site is a website that detects and adapts its design according to what device is viewing it. Fluid responsive designs work best and if you embarking on a new website design its critical that you make sure that it is fully responsive and perfect for mobile devices of all sizes and screen resolutions to view (website design for small business).  

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