For small business paid search marketing or pay per click advertising is a perfect, accountable strategy that can tested and used according to available funds. Using it correctly and efficiently, monitoring the campaign and continually tweaking to improve your click through rate and lower your costs is the key to a successful small business paid search marketing strategy.


Search marketing or pay per click services for small business


Pay per click or search marketing is the process whereby you pay for advertisements or sponsored links on the search results of search engines. This method of internet advertising is one of the most accountable of all forms of advertising for small business, medium and large business alike. Search marketing or pay per click management is where we manage this on your behalf.


Small business search marketing management

For small business the correct management of a pay per click account saves you time and money. Similar to SEO, keyword analysis is the key to a correctly targeted campaign. Setting day rates and day parts continually analysing and getting your CTR increased is the skill. Have you got time to continually research and update your paid search marketing? Refining ad copy and landing pages, or looking for new words or niches to target is an ongoing process; properly managed accounts should be changing continuously, updating and improving. Paid search marketing or PPC management will improve your response, lower your ad spend and drive conversions.


Pay per click is part of the marketing strategy


As mentioned within my SEO section, pay per click or paid search marketing is a great technique to target search terms whilst SEO attempts to get ranked more highly against them – this doesn’t mean that you stop advertising on them when you do achieve those lucrative top ranking positions, having an organic position and a paid ad further improves click through and allows you to take a greater share of lucrative traffic. Pay per click or search marketing is pure direct response, allowing you to calculate exactly how many visitors enter your site per day, setting budgets that are affordable and giving you time to convert the customers when they do land on your site. Pay per click is accountable and budgets can be turned up and down according to demand which is perfect for small business.


Making search marketing work for small business


Due to the flexibility of paid search marketing you can be advertising within minutes and at what ever budgetary level your small business can afford. This makes it excellent for businesses who can supplement or increase their daily website traffic and of course potential customers according to a budget that suits them. The exacting nature of buying terms that are specifically targeted at your small business allows you to skim the perfect traffic from the internet and directly focus them on your website giving you the opportunity to convert them into customers.


Costs for small business search marketing services


Search marketing management or pay per click services are charged with a management fee. The cost for search marketing services varies and is dependent on spend and the competitiveness of the terms that you are trying to target. The management fee gets you professional management, regular improvements, advertising copy changes and monthly reporting. Improving the efficiency of the campaign will save your small business more than the management cost.  


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