Search engine optimisation or SEO for small business is essential, in fact it is essential part of marketing for any large company or small business that is on the internet. SEO is the process by which websites attempt to rank more highly in search engine results pages (SERP’s) against certain keywords or phrases. The internet via search engines is the primary means to research products and services. Potential customers use search terms or words called keywords or groups of words called key-phrases to find websites that contain a certain theme, information or products. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of identifying these high traffic terms, focusing a sites content and coding on them with the goal of ranking highly and redirecting some of that traffic to your own company website. 


Small Business ranking highly in search engines via SEO


Search engines, especially Google, only want to provide searchers with the best results to a particular search term. To put it simply, making your site more visible to search engines and making that websites content more worthy, better trusted simply the best option to be displayed on the first page of a results page is the process of search engine optimisation (SEO).  Proving that your Small Business website is better, higher quality than another website against a competitive term is where a skilled SEO marketing company can help to push your website up the rankings and aim for the all important top positions. 

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The importance of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for small business


The better your position against a specific key term within a search engines results pages (SERP’s) the more traffic or visitors your company website will receive. On a recent study of how searchers interact with search engine positions it was found that nearly 50% of searches led to a natural result being clicked. 22% of the searchers clicked position 1, 6% clicked position 2 and 4% clicked position 3. Only 5 % of searchers went onto page 2 or more. For a small business, SEO is the single most important method by which to promote your company via the internet. Organic traffic is probably already your biggest source of traffic. 


Small business outperforming big business on the internet with SEO


Small business in the real world can not out perform big business on the high-street. The high-streets prime properties and best store locations are usually taken by the corporate chains. Big businesses and small business simply do not compete on a level playing field. The prime property on the internet that all SEO experts and large and small business is after, is the high ranking positions (positions 1 to 5, page 1) against the high traffic terms – SEO or Search Engine optimisation attacks these positions and if you aren’t already up there, attempts to place your company in one of these prize slots or as many of these prize slots as possible. The internet although not completely even, does allow small business to compete against their larger and better financed cousins and compete they do!


Search Engine Optimisation technique, what is involved?


Prior to commencing an SEO programme. a small business seo marketing company such as ours will work with you to research and decide on the keywords and phrases important to your business. The difficulty and volume of keywords largely dictate the price of your SEO (see affordable SEO services for small business). Once decided, the SEO expert will work with your website team or directly via access to your CMS, to action on page SEO. Finally, comes the off site and content creation elements of your SEO campaign. This involves content marketing (usually your own blog) and the creation of great content as well as link building. The SEO campaign is of course regularly monitored and managed and you can expect to receive monthly reports updating you on your progress. 

An SEO campaign is like any marketing campaign, the SEO has to research the marketplace that your small business fits into. Isolate the high traffic keywords and ascertain what is required in order to achieve these top ranking positions. The Search Engine Optimisation process adapts a websites coding and content to be more relevant to these pre-determined and well researched, search terms. This manipulation is called on page SEO, however there is also off page SEO. Off page SEO is the process of building backlinks to your company website and  increase its popularity – in the eyes of the search engines. Links and link building campaigns not only provide additional routes (called referral traffic) for customers to enter your website, but also count as votes of popularity which again helps your site climb the rankings in search engines results pages.   


Small Business SEO Marketing or indeed any Search engine optimisation campaign also involves many other activities, you can find a summary of these additional services on my SEO Services page. If you would like a Small Business SEO Marketing Expert to create or analyse your current SEO strategy please contact me by clicking the banner below or feel free to keep reading.


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