Small business SEO Services need to return on their investment quickly and be high value. This is why the first of the SEO Services that I will provide you with is a free SEO report or SEO health check. This will tell you how optimised your site currently is. This no obligation Free SEO report will score your small business website 1 to 100 and give you an idea of how your website will be performing in the search engine results pages. The SEO report is designed to see what SEO Services your small business requires, or where your site can be improved.


SEO Services - Keyword and Key-phrase Research


The keyword research and development SEO services makes sure that your SEO is targeted at firstly the right words, but also regularly uncovers areas or terms in your marketplace that are not as competitive - these are keywords that your small business can exploit! Small business and large businesses sometimes neglect this SEO Service when constructing and writing their websites. Making sure that you are targeting the right people, who search for key terms specific to your business is of up-most importance.

SEO Services - Competitor Analysis


OK, you know what keywords and phrases you want to target, you have even instructed your web designer to change your tags and content, your site is optimised to target your top keywords but you seem to have hit a plateau and you just can’t get your website to be on page 1. This is probably because you didn’t do a competitor analysis at the beginning of your SEO campaign.


For small business knowing what your competitors are up to and how much they have invested in a particular area stops you wasting your time and resources trying to compete with an already highly targeted area. An SEO deploying competitor analysis SEO Services would have been able to tell you a different tactic. For example, you are a small insurance company specialising in sports car insurance. Analysis of your competitors shows that major terms such as Car Insurance are already very very competitive. The companies on page 1, 2 and even 3 have been investing in their SEO for a very long time and it would take enormous investment to get high rankings. Other terms such as Sports car insurance or Performance Car Insurance are less competitive. Further examination shows that more specialised terms such as Ferrari Insurance, and Lamborghini Insurance are far less competitive. Unless you are aware of how and where your online competitors are targeting their campaigns you could find yourself targeting words and phrases that will take to much time and money to target at this early stage. The sites authority needs to be invested in first. SEO services such as competitor analysis should be undertaken from the beginning if not by a professional SEO but yourself. Competitor analysis should be undertaken by all small businesses or indeed any business prior to focusing any resources on a particular term or overly competitive phrase. 

SEO Services - Content management


SEO Services are diverse, but once you have analysed your marketplace in-depth, one of the first jobs is getting your small business website focused in the eyes of the search robots. Meta tags, header tags and page content writing although it seems simple is critical to the on-page SEO process. All highly ranking sites have well researched and well written tags and content. The optimisation of a page doesn’t simply rely on writing it well but also the way in which it is presented to search engines. The coding, and the order it is displayed also needs attention, this organising of a websites coding allows the search engines to search and cache information about the page un-hindered and efficiently.


SEO Services - Link Building


Link building is one of the more advanced SEO services, providing routes for traffic to arrive at your website and most importantly votes of popularity which are registered by the search engines. Simply linking to non relevant sites that are not significant to search engines will not increase your sites SEO value. The process of link building is an-going process that is deployed in more competitive marketplaces. The front-line of small business SEO services!


SEO Services – Blogging, Article Submission and review writing 


Also affiliated to link building; blogging, article submission and review writing (the commissioning of ‘buzz agents’). These SEO services are used to deploy links in a contextually rich environment. Written on websites that are relevant to your site, these are great internet PR and SEO services that allows you to communicate your products and services values whilst creating routes or links back to your site for your potential customers and search engines to follow. The creation and management of your own blog is very important here too. 


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