Within this section of my website I will have to presume that your small business is up and running and you have already constructed your website and you are looking to promote it with Internet Marketing. However, if you are a start up small business, planning how to promote your new website should be an integral part of your business and marketing plans, so this section is still very relevant to you.


Small Business Internet Marketing is cost efficient marketing


Marketing your small business on the internet isn’t just cost efficient but accountable. Internet marketing allows you to make every penny of your marketing budget work hard. You can see the results in clicks to your website or by seeing your rank within the Search engine results pages (SERP’s) increase. Using analytics we are able to track and optimise the journeys that your customers make from click to conversion.  


Internet Marketing your Small Business via Search engine optimisation (SEO) or Pay per click (PPC)?


If you have planned correctly there should already be an element of SEO (see SEO for Small Business) within your site, by simply writing a title tag correctly you have begun the process of Search engine optimisation. SEO is a long term strategy but the rewards can be great, get the process of optimising your site stated as soon as you can. If you have a badly constructed website, or even a new site that hasn’t been ranked well in the SERP’s as yet then perhaps Paid Search Marketing or Pay per Click is the quickest way to get customers to your site. 


Small Business Internet marketing strategies should be multi-layered


Although I have broken down each marketing strategy individually a combined or integrated programme of promotion should be taken in any small business internet marketing strategy. All of the techniques benefit and compliment each other and there is no better feeling than seeing your website traffic and sales increasing because you’re marketing is working well.. When considering your strategy think what your customers want, when do they want it? Where and what form of marketing can place your messages in front of them at exactly the right time, when they want to buy!


Small Business needs to prioritise their Internet Marketing Strategies  


You are a small business, so look at what you have got and prioritise exactly what you can use now and where you want to be later in your internet marketing campaign.


Have you got a large database of email addresses? Then you could prioritise email marketing as your number 1 internet marketing strategy.


Are you achieving good positions in some search term but not others? Then a carefully planned Paid Search Marketing or Pay per click campaign against your weaker terms could be your primary marketing concern.


Do you receive online space as part of a media package? Then digital advertising through banners and buttons could be your best bet. Use these opportunities, research and tinker with your campaigns and creative in order to maximise your returns.


There are many ways that you can improve your small business internet marketing strategy, so find time to look at what results you are getting and try and think of ways to improve them!

Understanding Internet marketing


Your internet based small business relies on you not just understanding how to run your business offline, but at least having a good understanding of the options online as well. I am not saying that you need to be a technical genius or web master, but you must at least have an understanding of the internet terms and jargon as well as the types and choices of internet marketing that you have to choose from. You should try to have an understanding of the technical side of running an online business but also of the media and methods to promote your website. Perhaps you haven't got the time or inclination to learn, in this instance why not bring in some expertise and try a small business marketing consultant, they will be able to make sense of it all for you. 


Internet Marketing terms:

To help you on your way to understanding internet marketing I have outlined and described some of the services that we offer, as ever, if you have any questions why not get in contact with us and we can talk you through your options. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine optimisation or SEO (Small business Search Engine Optimisation) is the method by which you rank more highly in search engine results pages against pre-determined keywords or phrases. The higher you rank for key terms, the more search traffic your website receives.

What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) or Paid Search Marketing (Pay per click for small business) is the method by which you purchase advertisements or sponsored links on search engine results pages.


What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing (Small business Email marketing) is the process whereby you communicate with your customers via email messages directed from a bought or existing database.


What is Digital Advertising?

Digital media or advertising (Digital media planning and buying for small business) is the digital version of placing advertisements in newspapers but on websites instead of magazines.


What is Social Media?
Social Media (Social media for small business) are areas of the internet used by sometimes very large communities within a pre-determined structure to communicate ideas and or concerns of lifestyle, such as Facebook or Instagram. Social media Marketing is the utilisation of these social media portals to communicate and promote your business within them via organic means or more often paid advertising.


What is Mobile Media?
Mobile Media (Mobile Media for small business) is the internet on mobile phones.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing (Small business Affiliate marketing) is a system of letting other companies or websites sell your products or services for a pre-agreed commission. 


For more information on digital media terms please see my digital jargon and web speak page (Web speak, On-line talk and internet jargon translated)


If you what a more in depth explanation of Small Business Internet Marketing terms, why don’t you visit my blog or ask us for a more in-depth explanation (internet marketing strategy blog). Maybe you are ready to begin your small business internet marketing campaign and you think that I will be able to help if so please contact me by clicking the button below.


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