Social media marketing is evolving and changing everyday. its a challenge to keep up with the constant change. Small business can use social media to market their business through various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. More often social has also become a customers services channel and you can advertise through it as well. 


Social media marketing for small business


Social media marketing is the using of social media as a marketing channel using it to target potential customers within an online social media environment. Advertisers and Marketing professionals can use this medium in various ways; Organically posting to fans, tweeting about their products, organising events on Facebook or showing videos of their services on Youtube. Or more recently using the sophisticated ad targeting systems to deliver timely, relevant advertising to extremely targeted segments. The Social media networks provide endless opportunities for small business to talk directly to their customers and the targeting methods are endless. Social media marketing also has huge potential for SEO (Small Business SEO) and can be integrated into a link building campaign (Small Business SEO Services). Social media marketing provides what large and small business crave and indeed what is the end goal of all marketing and advertising – word of mouth!


Social Media Networks

The biggest social media networks include Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram but there are many more. There is also another massive group of social networking providers that offer free blogs and blog writing platforms for people who want to talk about anything from their latest recipe to their pet dog. Small business can use these social media platforms to market themselves. The popularity of these very social sites seems endless with 100’s of millions of people viewing videos, pictures and talking to each other through these social portals each day. This high useage, availability and channelling of information is what we as internet marketers harness on behalf of our clients.


Social media targeting


Marketing via the social networks allows small business to target behaviours as well as the more common age, region and sex demographics. The information that a social media user provides to its network can then in turn be bought by advertisers and used to re-target them. Facebooks advertising targeting is now so good that you can target advertising not only by sex, age, regionality, but by town, profession, marital status or interest. This uniquely provides advertising with little or no wastage, an incredibly valuable means of communication when your budgets are small. A social media marketing campaign also allows customers to find you and your business, to form groups or online communities around your products or services allowing the marketing or promotion role to be taken over by your client base. Social media marketing campaigns can take on a mind of their own, sometimes social media can be so strong it becomes the primary means of marketing. 


Social Marketing Strategy for Small Business


Aside of the direct advertising facilities available on social media websites, small business can create whole interactive advertising platforms of their own. Making social media marketing platforms allows a small business to translate its brand values in real time. If you imagine your website as a permanent fixture or a base to directly sell to the internet. The social media marketing can go out and passively or proactively search for more active internet users. Potential customers or clients are always scouting around the internet, following trends, joining in conversations sharing these experiences with each other. If you have these additional portals out there trying to catch these roaming customers, then your small business has more chance of converting them and directing them to buy your products or services. Additionally, small business can use social media to communicate tips, problems, answer question or offer information or advice - on social media the conversation is two way! Social media marketing for small business can open up whole channels of communication previously only available to companies with large marketing budgets and in-house focus groups. By discussing your products openly on the internet the lines of communication that can be opened can directly influence; your product, how you sell your products, when you sell you products or even what you sell! Social media is such a broad term that I simply can not explain the possibilities available to small business or indeed any business on one page, so why don’t you check out my internet marketing blog, Twitter page (insert link), or Facebook profile (insert link) and see how Social Media Marketing could work for your business.


Social Media Campaign costs


Social media campaigns are as diverse as the subjects they cover, one campaign will not be the same as another clients so pricing is impossible to commit to. Usually there is a % of the spend committed to managing a campaign or a management fee when administering a social media profile – design costs such as profile backgrounds do command a cost, although I work with a large number of creative’s and these costs can be reasonable. A social media marketing campaign would have to be priced on an individual clients needs as every campaign is bespoke and unique to each business.


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