Website design for small business has to be right first time. Small business websites have to be functional, findable and look good. A small business that has bad website design and lacks any of these three elements is never going to function as you would hope it too, probably leading to failure or in the best case it will simply work badly. A good website design company that can create a website that works for any industry is rare. That is why I work with a large number of web designers, all who can perform different types of website design to suit all of the different industries and for every small business. The aim is to create a fast, good looking website that functions brilliantly and can be viewed on any device. 


Benefits of having a great website

Websites are your shop front on the internet they have to be functional and look great. A customer visiting your site will be quick to form an opinion of your site, if it looks out of date or has elements that do not load. It is slow to load, or doesn't load on the device they are using then they will leave that website. Before you consider spending money on small business internet marketing or planning your internet marketing strategy for small business you must make sure that you are able to convert that customer when they arrive at your online shop. 

Improving existing websites

If you have a website it is of course to improve its performance. Look and feel can be adapted with new design, customer journeys plotted and the site can be made more friendly or easy to use. Speed can also be improved so if you have heavily invested in a website already and think its under performing, all is not lost. 

Small Business Website Hosting


Small Business Hosting or indeed any hosting package is similar to rent on a shop, hosting is the rent or server space that keeps your website available to be accessed online. Small business website hosting shouldn’t be a costly affair. Standard Small sites up to 10 pages should have hosting costs of no more than £40 - £50 per year. Hosting for small business is usually provided by the website design company, but is also available across the web.


Affordable Web Design


Small business needs affordable website design. Affordable does not mean cheap, the last thing that you need is to invest your time and money in a website that puts your customers off buying as soon as they open their browser, or alternatively they never find it because it hasn’t been built in a search engine friendly configuration. Affordable website design means that you get a high quality site at an affordable price. That looks good and can be found on the internet.


Website Design Prices


Prices for website design vary on what you want and how you want it to be displayed. The type of website that you want, how many pages, functionality, with built in blogs or e-commerce and the sheer diversity of types and functions available makes quoting a single price hard to do. However, below is an example of some standard HTML website prices and packages that could give you an idea of the prices that I can achieve for web design.


Affordable Website design prices for Small Business


3 page website - £400.00

5 page website - £600.00

10 page website - £1000.00


All websites are built search engine friendly.


Logo Design, Hosting and SEO packages are priced on request. Larger and more complex sites  would need to be costed on a case by case basis. 


If you would like to know more about my Affordable Small Business Website Design services click the banner below or alternatively please keep reading. 


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